All businesses strive to grow and expand. There are generally two ways a business can get bigger, either through internal growth or external expansion.

Internal growth can be achieved through the regular growth trajectory of any entity, whether by use of new technology, any acquisition of assets, better supply chain management, and new lines of products.

The other way business grows is by exploring the option of restructuring. This can be achieved through different types of corporate actions such as mergers, takeovers, or acquisitions. The external pathway of growth is very popular among businesses globally as it helps in crossing trade barriers and building capital across countries.

Some of the business becomes old and obsolete and require diversification and investment in the new upcoming business segment like technology as now each business is driven by technology and there are several tech companies that are taking over the conventional business and transforming it into a technology platform.

We partner with clients to maximize the success of their M&A activities, including investors’ identification and match-up, portfolio and technology transformation, strategy, execution, and capability building.

Financial advisory services are one of our strongest service segments which includes planning, decision making and performance evaluation of KPIs. Because of our knowledge and experience and our dedicated financial advisory professionals, we believe that we are one of the few, which have comprehensive and quality service provider. With in-house legal and taxation team helps us providing speedy solutions to our valued customers.We also act as a virtual CFO, which now becomes more cost-effective way to have desired expertise and value on Board for small and medium size organization.

A family enterprise may be identified as any shop, firm, partnership, company, or group of companies that is run and controlled by at least two or more family members. It is owned and controlled by several generations of one family who are also responsible for making decisions.

Strengths, as well as weaknesses of a family-owned business, are hidden in its name. Strong ties and relationships between family members can drive the business forward, while conflicts and mismanagement can derail any successful business.

The need to reorganize or restructure the family business may arise when a key family member dies, or it is passed to the future generation. It may be due to non-robust and sensible governance, loss of focus, lack of entrepreneur skills in a generation, timely adoption of advancement, underinvestment, financial issues, etc.,

There are many ways to improve performance and make a family-owned group strong. We know and are experienced in what’s involved in tackling and resolving all issues related to family businesses and offer the following services and values:

  • Understanding how family-owned enterprises operate.
  • Analyzing problems your business and structure are facing.
  • Identifying reasons and goals for restructuring.
  • Advise dealing with succession, transition, and governance issues; and
  • Working out a plan that will save your business money or increase its bottom line.
Most businessmen are focused and so entrenched in the daily operations of their business that they barely get time to take a step back and assess the overall health of their business excels and conversely, the weaknesses, competition, and alignment with advancement, which warrant remedial action. A successful business owner tends to have a growth mindset and strive for continuous improvements within their business and industry. As businesses expand and grow, they experience successes and tumultuous times, each with its own challenges. The business health check is a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the key elements of your business including assessment of the business’s financial performance and stability, compliance risks, appropriateness of structure as well as key operational functions and processes. It is a diagnostic of the business and the outcome will define the strength of the business while pointing out ways of improving the business. The business health check is required for all kinds of businesses and professions whether big or small, individual, sole proprietor or partnership and consulting, retail, wholesale, trading, or manufacturing. We have experience and expertise to evaluate the core business functions to identify potential red flags, analyze areas of potential concern and offer real and workable solutions before they morph into bigger headaches. Our assessment rotates the area of each element whether financial or non-financial.

Most organizations are not using an ERP and/or using an ERP without its optimal efficiency level due to a lack of knowledge and abreast of advancement. Organizations often struggle in deciding whether to acquire or upgrade the system and/or replace it but are wary of the risks and costs to implement and upgrade to a new system.

We prepare a Business Case for the organization and provide swot analysis to help them make the decision whether to invest in new and/or upgrade the existing system. The methodology includes:

High-Level Assessment – To determine the gap between desired and current key performance indicators. Meetings with management and employees to understand the nature and severity of existing complications. This could be related to the system, business process, directives, training, or lack of motivation.

Business Process Mapping – To document existing business process steps, challenges, and requirements and then prepare process maps “As-Is” basis and then proposed “To-Be”. The To-Be process maps addressed the challenges and requirements a tool to understand and visualize the business process in a simple and effective way.

Requirement Document – Based on the assessment and process map, we generate a requirement checklist that contains a list of all key and unique requirements to ensure a clear and unambiguous process flow of documents, processes, and reports.

Vendor Selection – The requirement is wrapped into a Request for Proposal, which is floated to relevant vendors. Analyze the vendor RFP, including cost, scoring, underlying technology, backup support, developer, and implementation team.

We have the experience and expertise to prepare feasibility study for our valued clients that evaluate project’s potential for success over its life-cycle. To have in-house finance and tax experts will provide us niche in delivering purpose build feasibility reports that helps management for appropriate decision making.

The outsourcing HR function is the most cost-effective and fastest way for growing startups and small-medium businesses to scale.

HR professionals must master several detailed areas of knowledge and experience. No single person has the bandwidth if so, the cost becomes an impediment. In comparison, outsourcing to the right partners will equip you with a team of experts all focused on their individual fields of expertise including compliance, technology, HR, payroll, benefits, and more. The more value within the same cost.

We as an HR Partner provide the following services:

  • Processing and administering payroll.
  • Ensuring compliance with local and federal employment laws and regulations.
  • Developing employee handbooks and contracts.
  • Administering employee compensation and benefits.
  • Handling employees’ complaints.
  • Creating policies and procedures.
  • Recruiting and hiring/firing employees.
  • Managing and maintaining employees’ records.

In addition to the above tactical HR tasks, we help your business, with our Strategic HR plan, to effectively compete in today’s business. The plan involves working with other departments and the leadership team to develop proactive plans and programs aligned with the long-term strategies and goals of the business. This includes:

  • Competitive compensation and benefits to attract talented professionals.
  • Employee development and training.
  • Leadership development.
  • Employer branding and talent acquisition.
  • HR tools and technologies.

Quality bookkeeping is most important aspect of every organization. As your outsourcing partners, we will make sure that the financial transactions and records of the company are timely recorded, properly maintained, complied and disclosed in accordancewith International Accounting Standards and relevant local Rules & Regulations. It includes timely management reporting within and outside the organization. We provide relevant team and oversees all operations just in time basis.

Compliance is often forgotten, passed off to an attorney who does the research or has someone in their office do it. Today, Compliance become the most important area of an organization. It becomes the Board of Director’s responsibility to ensure that business activity is carry out in full compliance with and all national and international laws and regulations that pertain to its industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards.

Compliance is segregated into two areas. Regulatory compliance, which is making sure that any business or action conducted by a company is within legal parameters and/or that all reasonable actions have been taken in order to prevent incidents. This includes signage disclosure, process like Know your Customer & Vendors and its Identification Procedures. Internal Compliance means adherence on internal policies and standard and ensuring that company operates according to its’ own created culture.

The other reason compliance is the most important is litigation, whether it be ensuring that it does not occur by following regulatory compliance, or by providing evidence that all necessary and reasonable action were taken to prevent an incident, this relates to everything from lawsuits to criminal investigation. Our compliance related service team has detailed understanding of various Regulatory requirements and can assist companies in designing and implementing customized compliance management systems applicable on Companies and evaluation of existing processes. We can provide assistance in listing regulations, Securities and Exchange Commission Act of Pakistan, Companies Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act, Benami Act, Code of Corporate Governance and first time adoption of IFRS.

We provide internal audit services, which gives economies of scale and add value to the client. The internal audit provides assurance from the perspective of third-party regarding control system and procedure, safe guarding of assets and appropriate and consistent adherence of policies which cannot be achieved in in-house internal audit department.

We have expertise and reputed resource for providing legal and corporate services which includes but not limited to advice and formation of company, drafting and negotiating agreements and deeds, incorporation of foreign companies, registrations of patents and rights and representing to the High Court and the Supreme Court.

We have been providing taxation services to our valued clients for a long time. Over the years, we have developed expert knowledge on various tax issues. Our tax experts keep the clients up to speed on the developments that affect their business, help them interpret & understand their significance and integrate tax considerations into their business strategy.

Mediation is form of alternative dispute resolution in which we play neutral third-party role to resolve dispute between the parties and helps them agree on amicably settlement. It may be binding and/or non-binding unless parties agree to a resulting settlement.

Policies and procedures establish boundaries and guidelines within which an organization operates. We help you define what organization does and how you do it. Having clear policies and procedures can improve delegation of responsibilities as they provide guidelines to employees on what is acceptable or not in specific circumstances. Policies and procedures create transparency and consistency which helps in running the organization and decision making.

Enterprise risk management is a continuous process of planning, organizing and controlling the risks facing the organization in order to minimize its impact. Some risks can be seen, predicted and planned for and for some risks nothing can be done. We help you with our experience, by designing such techniques which when implemented, helps you in best utilization of resources in order to achieve organization’s objectives.

We have group of Professionals who have extensive knowledge of public issue of debt and equity securities instruments. Service range includes:

  • Completion of all formalities involved in the issue and public floatation of shares/TFCs/units including preparation of prospectus/trust deeds for fresh issue and offer for sale;
  • Representation to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Stock Exchange;
  • Coordination with bankers for the issue and arranging underwriting and private placements.

We conduct onsite and offsite training and development programs on Financial Modeling, Regulations and Accounting & Taxation, Pronouncements to employees of financial and non-financial companies which help them gain relevant knowledge and skills to improve performance in their current roles.

Our team of professional is experience in managing Special Assets of financial institutions. Desired objective is achieved through use of, specialized techniques tools continuous and vigorous contact and strong monitoring including initiating legalprocedure.

The rapid pace of innovations in information and communication technology is mind boggling. The fast changes in the technology have put more challenges on the one hand but also created new opportunities on the other hand. It is become imperative for the successfully business to update and adopt the changes immediately. We have developed expertise and competency to meet the technological challenges through in house expertise and collaboration with the consultants.

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